Man Cave Brought to Life

This project was designed by the client, they wanted to have a room where entertainment was everywhere but invisible. We were able to mount three TVs perfectly and have 12 speakers filling the entire floor with music and movies. The system is incredibly easy to use thanks to Savant Smart Home control. The room maintains its beauty at the same time being easy to rock! Let us know if you need a “Man Cave”or a “She Shed” of you very own. 3D Smart Homes 417-413-4415.

Amazing Man Cave done by 3D Smart Homes. 

Custom TV Installations Done by Professionals.

People often ask what I love most about my job. This is an easy answer for me, because I love having a new office everyday. Some days I am walking through the mud of a new job site, or I am removing my shoes to travel across brand new carpet. I have views of the lake or the beautiful countryside. Every day at 3D Smart Homes brings a new view and a new challenge. On this installation we wanted a tv that added to the beauty of the fireplace while not distracting from the site lines. Our installation staff is the best around and that is evident in these pictures. Do you have a beautiful ‘office” that needs the 3D Touch? Call us today to discover how 3D Smart Homes can enhance your life with beautiful and easy to use technology. 417-413-4415


Hung by the chimney with care. 


The TVs is not a distraction and is beautiful in its own way. 

We Are Springfield's Newest Klipsch Dealership

Klipsch speakers have a loyal fanbase in Springfield and we are proud to share in that loyalty. We offer the entire line, from headphones and personal music systems all the way to the THX Ultra 2 theater systems. We also have Reference Series speakers on display. Our entry level theater package includes a full 5.1 of Klipsch speakers. Contact us today to have your mind blown with a live demo. 

Alexa and Savant: A Match Made in Heaven

Amazon Alexa has been quickly adopted by Smart Home owners. Clients and their children love telling Alexa what to do. Savant has leveraged this technology in a useful and exciting new way. Tell your home to play music, turn on the lights or start the party. Shutdown your house for bedtime without searching for remotes or finding every last light switch. Swing by our showroom to see Alexa and Savant playing well together. 

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