Whole House Music Systems


Whole-house audio continues to be a smart choice for homeowners who love music and want it throughout their homes. We offer both wired and wireless systems.

Many clients ask us about wireless systems like the SONOS. We have a 3 zone system in our showroom. So come by for a test drive and see why there is one system that stands apart from the others in terms of features, ease of installation, ease of use and scalability.

Why Sonos Multi-Room Music System Stands Apart

  • Your music collection on you computer whether it’s in your iTunes library, and MP3, WMA or any of 9 of the most popular digital files.
  • Any external source such as a CD player or a friend’s iPod.
  • Any internet radio station.
  • Any one of the following popular music services: Tune In, Spotify, PandoraRhapsody or SIRIUS.







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