channel_3_section_110_panel1_0_fullsize-1349183829“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”    Steve Jobs

Here at 3D Smart Homes we take pride in offering the latest in technology. We get excited when new shiny things arrive. We also know that things can be new and exciting but they don’t have any true value if they don’t work. We are careful selecting the products for your project. the equipment, software and techniques used on your project will be up to date along with being tested before they arrive at your home. The design phase of your project is where we take the information learned during the “Discovery Meeting” and apply it. The programming starts, the calculations are done and all of the T’s get crossed and the I’s get dotted. To make your your project gets completed on time and budget we will work with you, the architect, designer, builder and all of the subcontractors.