3D Celebrates one year in business.

One year later, one year smarter.

Last May, Domenic and I decided to start a new company. We knew that Springfield needed an easier way to make homes smarter through technology. We sold everything we had, borrowed a truck, bought some tools, and let our years of experience guide us. It was a bumpy road at first, but the years of hard work and experience we had accumulated proved to be invaluable. It quickly became apparent that clients were loyal to those who provide honest communication, real-time feedback and upfront budgets.

Big things are happening when these trucks are in your driveway.

We wanted to make sure that doing business with us was completely transparent. Upgrading your home with technology shouldn’t be any harder than using an app. With that philosophy in mind, 3D Smart Homes was born.



We want to keep people connected to what is important to them, their homes and families. The way to do this was choosing companies that made doing business easier and that provided options at the best prices. With Savant Systems at our side it was time to find a comfortable place to meet with our customers. 3D Headquarters on Republic Road needed a lot of work, but we were up to the task. With the design work expertly handled  by A. Deckard Interiors , and the construction help of friends and family, we got the showroom up and running.



Looking back over the past 12 months, several things are very apparent. We could not have done this alone. We have the love and support of our families, the trust of our clients, superior manufacturers, an amazing Designer, Springfield’s premiere home builders, and a better way of doing things. We would like to take a moment to offer a sincere Thank You to all the people that made this adventure possible. And to those that said we couldn’t do it; thanks for the push, it was just what we needed.


Jason Eckstein

“Stay Connected, Home or Away.”

3D Smart Homes 2015



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