About Us

3D Smart Homes is proud to offer Springfield’s best Savant showroom, conveniently located on East Republic Road. It’s the ideal space for architects, interior designers, and interested homeowners to experience the sophistication of a Savant installation.


We started 3D Smart Homes with a simple idea in  mind. Take the confusion and inconvenience out of typical home automation installations. Our goal is to provide budgets during the initial meeting. We call this our discovery phase. Once we have the budget and project figured out we begin tailoring our solution to fit your entertainment needs. We will buy the equipment and pre-install and test it at our facility. This allows us to avoid back orders, software issues, and faulty equipment. We can have everything tested and working as designed before we deliver to your home. Once the house is ready, we deploy the system in its completed form, leaving you with a functional system much quicker then our competitors. We think this process leaves the client with a better system and less headache. Give us a call to schedule your Discovery meeting today!